STRIO Cartboy 1g - Metallic Limited Edition

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Introducing the STRIO Cartboy 1g - Metallic Limited Edition: Elevate Your Vaping Experience in Style!

Stealthy and Stylish Vaping

Unleash the power of discretion with our STRIO Cartboy 1g - Metallic Limited Edition. This remarkable battery offers the convenience of a standard vape disposable while providing you with the freedom to enjoy your preferred 1g 510 vape cartridge. Hidden within its sleek exterior is a secret compartment, ready to accommodate most 1g 510 thread cartridges. To start puffing, simply slide down the magnetic bottom, attach your beloved 510 cartridge, snap it back with the magnetic lock, and indulge in pure vaping delight.

Power and Versatility Combined

The STRIO Cartboy 1g - Metallic Limited Edition packs a punch with a robust 320mAh battery that guarantees extended vaping sessions. Rechargeable via any USB Type-C charger, it also offers variable voltage with two settings - 3.0V (indicated by a green light) and 3.8V (indicated by a red light). Worried about clogs? Fear not, as our smart device includes a pre-heat function to ensure smooth, uninterrupted sessions. With six unique metallic colors, you'll find the perfect Cartboy to match your style.


Safety at Its Core

Safety always comes first, and the Cartboy delivers with over-voltage and short-circuit protection, allowing you to vape worry-free. The lightning-fast USB Type-C charge port makes recharging a breeze, and the magnetic lock simplifies cartridge attachment. Compatible with most 510 thread 1g vape cartridges, the Cartboy is user-friendly and designed for discreet vaping on the go.

Quality Meets Convenience

Crafted with the highest quality components, the Cartboy exudes excellence from the moment it graces your palm. Its innovative hidden compartment offers discreet vaping without drawing unwanted attention.

Intelligent Features for Effortless Vaping

The Cartboy boasts breath-controlled features like preheat and variable voltage, enhancing your vaping convenience. Changing the voltage is as simple as puffing three times within 1.5 seconds, while preheating is achieved with two puffs within the same timeframe – a step we recommend before every use. If the white light blinks, ensure proper cartridge seating for an optimal experience.

Technical Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 320mAh
510 Thread Connection (Fits Most 1g 510 Carts)
Variable Voltage (3.0-3.8V)
Magnetic Lock for Easy Cartridge Attachment
USB Type-C Charge Port
Approximately 40 Minutes for Full Charge (Equivalent to 150-180 Puffs per Charge)
A Rainbow of Colors to Suit Your Mood

For optimal airflow, screw the cartridge in fully, then unscrew it a quarter turn.

To change voltage, puff three times within 1.5 seconds.
For preheating, puff twice within 1.5 seconds (recommended before each use).
A blinking white light indicates improper cartridge seating; reattach or try another cartridge.
Safety First:

Do not charge the vape battery with a cartridge attached to prevent potential leakage.
Always preheat the vape battery before use to ensure efficient vaporization.
Limit charging time to a maximum of 90 minutes to safeguard the small battery.
Unlock the world of discreet and stylish vaping with the STRIO Cartboy 1g - Metallic Limited Edition. With its potent 320mAh battery, variable voltage options, and intelligent features, it's a must-have for vaping enthusiasts on the move. Get your Cartboy today and discover the perfect blend of convenience and quality. Join the STRIO community and elevate your vaping game!

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